Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louisiana Educational Pyatiletka (пятилетка)

The Louisiana Career Options Law requires that all High School students have a "Five Year Plan" for their education.  Am I the only person who finds the choice of words here just a little disturbing?

"Beginning in the 1998-1999 school year, by the end of the eighth grade, each student shall develop, with the input of his/her family, a Five Year Educational Plan. Such a plan shall include a sequence of courses which is consistent with the student's stated goals for one year after graduation. Each student's Five Year Educational Plan shall be reviewed annually thereafter by the student, parents, and school advisor and revised as needed."
Hmmmm, so the average eighth grader has at least a reasonable idea of what they will want to do with their life.  OK, OK, so it's actually about where they will want to be a year after High School, but doesn't knowing that require knowing if you want a professional career, a technical career, or some other life path?
"It is the intent of the law that students have a focus while in school to help make learning more relevant and meaningful."
Sounds like a well intentioned law, hope those good intentions lead somewhere nice.

Now, I'm not trying to assert that having goals is a bad idea, nor would I assert that people should not at least start thinking about this stuff by the time they're ready to start High School. What I don't understand here is, why is this the business of the government?  So some people won't do this unless they're forced to, it is for their own good after all.  But who are these arrogant busybody jerks who claim to know our best interest better than we do?  Oh yea, that would be congress - they are elected to manage our lives for us, after all.  Besides, this is all for the children, and we don't hate children, do we?

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