Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where Rush is Wrong

I was listening to Rush yesterday and heard him go on a tirade about evolution, and it just drives me nutso to listen to someone who is just brilliant in some areas, spout off utter nonsense when talking about something he so obviously knows very little about.  And it's such a sad thing too, because it's not that complicated.

  • Evolution is not faith, it is science.  Creationism/Intelligent Design/etc... are not science, they are faith.  This does not mean that one is right and the others are wrong, what it means is that evolution can be disproved, where as the others cannot.  The attribute of a thing that places it in the realm of science is not truth, but the ability to hold it up to scrutiny and methodically attack it.  If an idea survives repeated attacks and attempts to disprove it, then it may eventually be considered a theory.  If, on the other hand, an idea is constructed in such a way that it cannot be scientifically attacked, then it is not science.
  • Next thing he got wrong - the theory of evolution describes a mechanism, it says nothing about any purpose, it says nothing about how it got started, it merely attempts to describe how members of a species can change over the course of generations into a new species, or into several new species.
  • Next thing, evolution has nothing to do with the "Big Bang" theory.  As I mentioned before evolution describes a mechanism for the differentiation of species, not the origin of this universe.  I have no opinion about the merits of the "Big Bang" as I have not studied it, I know even less about astrophysics than I do of biology, and I fear that any attempt to even comment on it would out me as being a bigger idiot then is probably already apparent.
  • Finally, evolution does not deny the existence of God.  Charles Darwin was a Christian when he wrote On the Origin of Species and while he did eventually come to be an agnostic, as far as I am aware he never did claim the non-existence of God.

It may be true that there are those who use evolution to argue against the existence of God, just as there are those who use God to argue against the existence of evolution.  I have not personally heard God's explanation about why evolution is nothing but lies, nor do I see anywhere in any mainstream theory of evolution that says anything about God.  That unscrupulous people will misrepresent unrelated things to bolster their point of view should surely come as no surprise to someone who lives their professional life in the arena of politics.

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