Friday, August 20, 2010

evolution and faith

I believe in "the eternal, unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this Universe," Brahman.  If you want to refer to God or Allah, my sentiment remains the same.  There is no rational basis for asserting this truth

More generally, I believe in the "rightness" of religion and faith in part because they have stood the test of time much longer than this body and intellect that I presently occupy have even existed.

If, as I believe to be the case, life on earth adapts and evolves via natural selection, then it stands to reason that the aspects of life forms which exist today exist for a reason, even if we, as individuals, do not possess the data to rationally understand that reason.  My point here is that as our human society has developed, and as far as I know this is true in every long-term collection of humans, that we have come to a belief in God, and the universality of this is evidence (by my way of thinking) that the belief in and worship of God is advantageous to humans.

This doesn't mean that it's true in some absolute sense, but it's "good enough for government work" (excepting, of course for the whole separation of church and state thingy...)  When I was learning arithmetic there was a trick (that I think everyone knows) for the multiplying a number by 9.  You subtract 1 from that number and append that number with the number that would equal 9 if added to the first number.  Now, I don't know much of anything about number theory, but afaik, there is no mathematical justification for solving a multiplication problem by subtracting 1 and appending another number.  But it works and it's fast.

So I have faith in my ancestors, and in this world, and this universe, that we would not believe in the divine unless that was better than not believing in it.  Especially since it seems more natural to not believe in something for which no concrete evidence exists that it is to believe in that thing.

Or am I just spouting off nonsense and talking in circles?