Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Living under the roof of the Washington D.C.

One of the logical problems I have perceived and am trying to understand well enough to define is the mechanics of enforcing our natural rights when the state does not respect or honor them.

Taxation is theft because it is involuntary.  I think tithing to be superior as it is voluntary, and most churches seem to do pretty damn well with it.  Even as I believe that the government does not have the moral right to seize part of the wealth I produce, I do not have the means to resist them.  In fact, the principal mechanism for rights enforcement is financed by taxation, property forfeiture (at least there is some due process with the IRS), etc...

So how can I demand my rights be enforced by those funded by the infringement of those same rights?  Am I not really asking for others to have their rights infringed upon to prop up mine?  This is not to say that I have any doubts that the state is acting immorally, but there seem to be no way to make it behave beyond trying to change the hearts and minds of those who support the state with the persuasion of argument.

As long as I live under their roof (i.e. the protection of their armed enforcers) I accept that I must either follow their rules, unjust as I view them to be, or expect to pay the consequences for breaking those roles - to argue those rules to be fiction is absurd.  It's just a little frustrating to feel like I should be able to be more free.  It seems....unfair and unjust.

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